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Hands-on training, tailored for your organisation.

Now is the time to give your business and your team, the gift of resilience.

A resilient team is the best way to increase profits and my trainings are the perfect start to help you to build a STAR team.


Resilient Culture

For team connectivity
(Available in person or online)

A healthy and vibrant culture is transparent, creative, inspiring, supportive and unified. All moving forward together, facing challenges and making decisions for the greater good of the business – because you’re all on the same page.

Yet, what happens if you find you’re not all on the same page? Perhaps you’ve run into bad habits, poor engagement or you’re just not seeing the results.

In this powerful, interactive, 3 hour workshop (2 x 90 minute sessions, 30 minute break between) we’ll work to uncover what matters to you most, identify challenges and gaps and then create a path forward.

We’ll align your team and build a world-class culture, together. So you can face uncertainty and challenges with far more confidence and purpose and achieve greater performance.

This training is an absolute game-changer.

Boutique Pilates Studio, Vic

Sally is an amazing communicator who engages with all individuals in a fun and motivated way. She inspired the team to look deep at what she called their ‘Internal resources’ and this opened up a whole new world for us all – together and as individuals. We actually learned to think differently in this session… and we now approach challenges totally differently too… most importantly, we work like and feel like an unstoppable team.”


Resilient Communication

For Leaders seeking purposeful connection
(Available in person or online)

Learn how to unlock your true leadership potential and become  conscious, connected leaders.  A 3 hour workshop (2 x 90 minute sessions, 30 minute break between) for businesses that want a team of self-leaders.

You will each;

  • Explore your unique communication and behavioural style – how you problem solve, motivate, support and develop your world.
  • Develop your ability to build a team that is inspired, creative and results driven.
  • Dive deeper into the business you’ve created – ensuring it’s set up for success.
  • Identify gaps and how to fill them.
  • Take the next best step to finding your own unique style of leadership that gets real results..

Melbourne, Vic

“Understanding the team’s profiles and communication styles encouraged me to talk to one of the team that I’d recognised had been difficult to communicate with over the past few months.  The information allowed me the opportunity for a frank and open discussion. The result? Vastly improved communication within the team and the atmosphere within the practise has improved dramatically!”

Cooking Up A Resilient Team

‘Unique & Delicious’
Premium, experiential training for high performance
(Available in person only)

Want to turn the heat up on your team? Drop them into an intense commercial kitchen environment. You’ll see their ability to perform and produce under intense pressure.

This fun, explorative session hones your team’s ability to lead, communicate, problem solve and resolve conflict in a fast-paced, practical space.

You will learn about one another, build trust, develop team collaboration and help drive authentic change.

During this 6 hour training, your team will produce a multi-course gourmet meal – and an EDISC analysis for each team member is included.

    Ilona Sliwa
    Koorie Education Support Officer
    Geelong, Vic

    “We had such a fantastic night, we now have a greater understanding of ourselves as leaders and the repercussions of this within team dynamics. Thank you for the most unique and valuable learning experience, you have obviously put so much thought and effort into the planning of this professional learning experience. Thank you

    Short Talks and Presentations

    Held face to face or online, duration of 45-60 minutes

    These presentations are the perfect lunchbox session!
    Or choose a time that is suited to you.
    These are some of the topics that I present on;

    • How to communicate more effectively in your team
    • How to monitor performance in the workplace
    • How to become the best leader
    • The 3 fundamental tools for business resilience
    • How to make change positive for your business and team
    • Importance of role-fit and how to achieve it
    • Inspiring high-performance; creating self-leaders


      Lisa Foxe
      Sales Manager
      Sunshine Coast, Qld

      “I would recommend Sally to anyone who wants to strive to reach their best results whether it is in business or life. Her advice and pragmatic outlook will push you to succeed and reach your goals.”

      You bring your ideas, I’ll bring mine…

      If the above trainings don’t suit, or you have something specific that you would like covered just get in touch.

      Tell me where your challenges lie and what you might need and I can tailor a workshop or presentation to meet your goals.

      What Leadership Style Are You?

      • Discover your Leadership Quotient & gain powerful insights into your leadership style and performance of your business
      • Understand yourself better to maximise your strengths and unlock your full potential as a leader
      • Empower yourself to make concious choices about how you lead with precision & passion, create vibrant cultures, and develop extraordinary people

      Access Your Leadership Style Assessment Today To Unlock What’s Holding You Back & What Can Propel You & Your Business Forward Today


      Build resilience - inspire success. Specialist leadership and team coaching and training, for businesses who choose quality over quantity in high pressure environments.

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