How to make uncertainty work for you, your team AND your business.

This new working-from-home norm has many positives!

But it’s also becoming a little dull… don’t you think?  

Sure, it’s easier to get up last minute, set up the way we want and eat as we feel.

But is it too comfortable?

Comfort may equal ease, but day in day out comfort becomes predictable, and predictability suffocates growth. 

When you look in the mirror in the morning, how bright is the twinkle in your eyes?

Do they shine and sparkle at the thought of what’s happening next?

Or do they lay dull in their sockets because it’s ‘the same old thing’ today?  

Have you considered that you may be too comfortable?! And this could be spilling over into your leadership style!

Another word for comfort is certainty.

Some people get addicted to the certainty of things. Get addicted to having control. Predicting results is much easier when you’re in your little bubble of comfort and don’t look beyond.

But getting stuck here can unknowingly stifle results – for everyone. 

Certainty, Control, and Comfort DO NOT inspire creativity, opportunity, and change. 

There is an overwhelming need for all people, across the globe to fill their lives with certainty right now… simply to balance the enormous level of uncertainty in the outside world. It’s a natural and subconscious response and is commonly happening in the work environment. Perhaps for you it’s in your set-up, your approach or directly shown in your leadership – are you micro-managing or lacking delegation, avoiding online team meetings with too many variables or avoiding giving feedback? 

Self-awareness is the key here… and a must in any great leader. When you understand how you respond in different situations you are then able to adjust accordingly to continue to motivate and inspire yourself and those around you. 

Too much uncertainty, drives a need for certainty.

This is a universal response… that is, it applies to everyone (and often without awareness).

So, there is a big possibility that you and/or your team have overcompensated with comfort in your home work space and if so, that spark, that urge to think outside the box, to challenge, to create, will surely be stifled and choking your bottom line results.  

It’s time to encourage greatness, bring back some spark – to you and those around you! 

Hiding behind the screen cannot be the new norm.  

Here’s some easy steps that you and your team can follow to stimulate originality and expression, go back to basics, and EMBRACE THE UNCERTAINTY of the new work-from-home life! 

  1. HAVE A GO!

Say Yes and then work out how. 

The key is to make up your mind quickly and change it slowly.  When you say YES, it confirms you’re worth it. You will then back yourself to figure out the rest.  This way you’ll consistently discover that you’ve got more to give, and you have yet another level within. 


Doing this effectively will form a belief within yourself that you can draw on at times of uncertainty – this will carry you through.  By believing in yourself and trusting your senses, you’re more likely to give it a go in the areas that you may not think you know so well.  


Could be as simple as speaking to someone you wouldn’t usually, going down a slide at the park (with or without the kids!), go bare foot on a trail walk. 


Not to shock others, but to surprise yourself.  This will build your inner trust. 



You’ve got this!! Think… “I have no idea how to do this, yet I’m going to have a good ole crack at it and work out where I suck”. Through striving forward and giving it a go, we discover where we struggle and where the gaps are for us to move forward.  “Fantastic, I now know what I have to learn and where to progress”

With a deeper understanding of how you work, what makes you tick and why you do the things that you do – both individually and as a team – you’re able to hone in and create a tailored work environment that’s inspiring and fun, innovative, motivating, and productive.

Commit to building a resilient team that promotes individual greatness yet moves seamlessly together as one… this is where the magic happens… get in touch if you’re keen to know more on how.