Whether we like it, are enjoying it, or want it, what we are getting right now is time to ourselves.

Though in reality, we’ve always had time to ourselves, after all… wherever you go, you’ll be there!


The difference right now is the lack of noise, the lack of distraction.

Even the judgement (by self and others), the comparisons, the ego are all laying low with minimal opportunities to voice their opinion.

It certainly feels to many of us that right now a big light is shining on who we are – magnifying our self-realisation, forcing us to look deep and notice.

You’re likely noticing the way you lead – the way you hold yourself, think, act, respond, are perceived, care, speak, work, stress, sleep, stay healthy (or not), digitally communicate… EVERYTHING is in clear view for you. Time does that.

This may not be ‘free’ time, but it certainly is ‘me’ time. 


So, what is it that you’re seeing?

Are you noticing a different you leading in this environment?

Are you feeling freer without your visible ‘workface’ or ‘work hat’ on?

Has your ‘style’ changed? (more relaxed or now tightening the reigns)

Are you questioning why you focused somewhere previously and now wonder why you did that?

Do you miss the ‘on the way to work’ ritual of psyching yourself, thoughts running through your head of how you’ll hold it up today just to get through?

Are you seeing ways you could ‘DO’ and ‘BE’ more clearly?

Are you becoming more creative and focused on how you can be more effective with your team or in your business?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you can lead better by being your authentic self at work.


“Just be yourself” … a simple phrase for a not-so-simple task


We’ve all had times where we’ve felt like a fish out of water or felt out of our league. Chances are during these times the expectations we had of ourselves were out of whack – not realistic… and consumed with worry (of how you’ll be perceived!)


Tackling these same situations with authenticity can remove that ‘ick’ feeling and unnecessary stress.  It actually allows the real you to shine, to go all in, to stand out against competitors, to make a difference to the business, to find individual creativity.

You’re ‘all in’ because you’ve created the space and energy to be.


When you are working towards accepting – & living – your uniqueness (being your authentic self) you are;

  • more aware of your limitations
  • more aware of your strengths and weaknesses
  • ok with failure (in fact call it falling forward)
  • honest with yourself
  • not feeling the need to maintain an illusion


In fact, being aware of your capabilities and working WITH THEM (rather than denying or pushing aside) commands an element of respect and admiration from your peers.

It also encourages your team;

  • to find their uniqueness
  • to be proud of it
  • to promote diversity and
  • to steer clear of conformity

(After all, when you’re in a team, chances are they already know your true strengths, approach and behaviours.)


This version of self-certainty promotes a new way to tackle those uncomfortable situations with far more powerful results. Allowing your team;

  • comfort in their opinion
  • freedom in their expression
  • creativity in their ideas and
  • higher levels of trust


An AUTHENTIC LEADER is the difference between a powerhouse team that seamlessly moves forward with vengeance and a team that feels stifled, unheard, requires motivation and produces less than desired results.


A leader must pave the way.

NOW is the time to get to know, love and get comfortable with you.

By being true to who you are at your core, you’re;

  • inspiring a culture that endorses fulfilment and joy
  • building trust in your work relationships
  • encouraging collaboration and growth and
  • planting necessary seeds for successful business growth.


If effective leadership is a priority and you’re keen to dig deeper into what makes you tick and why you do the things you do, be sure to get in touch. We’ll show you how you can lead with authenticity and build a complimentary, cohesive team. The Resaliantce Method will help you put a structured plan in place to guide both you AND your team moving forward.