Are you worried about HOW you’ll meet your KPI’s?  Do you need a boost of creativity and outside the box thinking?

Are you ready for your Company to stand high above the rest??

Make the last half of 2019 really count. The right leadership training could be all you need to develop a cohesive and productive team that seamlessly moves to the next level. An effective and happy team is a team that sticks around. And the “right team training can have implications on the performance and success of a business”, states experiential training advocate Eagle’s Flight.

Our ‘Unique & Delicious” training is for high performing leaders. Bring the skills you have and we show you how to make them better. Mix with like-minded leaders, bond and evolve as a team.

Discover the secrets of how to;





One of the best ways to learn the skills required to bring a team together is with experiential training. Eagle’s Flight states there must be “an underlying objective that should be factored in when selecting training”.

In fact, they declare that there are 5 factors to consider when choosing the RIGHT training.

“Choosing a program that accurately addresses and meets that goal can help a company realise the following unexpected benefits:

  1. Achieve company-wide goals
  2. Clarify roles and responsibilities
  3. Execute more efficiently
  4. Improve processes
  5. Improve accountability”

Here’s how The Resaliantce Method’s ‘Unique & Delicious’ training measures up and covers each of these points-

  1. Achieve company-wide goals– We help leaders and employees see past their own needs and in to the importance of collaboration and the big picture. The focus is moving towards a ‘we’ perspective.
  2. Clarify roles and responsibilities– Each participant experiences that their role and responsibility is based on their individual strengths and notion of ‘best fit’ – clearly defining their own purpose. Team dynamics are brought to the forefront through facilitator led conversations and team tasks that require each member’s specific skill set.
  3. Execute more efficiently– The best way to understand how you think and make decisions is under pressure! At default mode you are able to clearly see how you ‘tick’. Bringing this awareness to the forefront along with the tools that teach you to adjust your behaviour as required, results in the ability for a more focused execution.
  4. Improve processes– We equip participants with the tools to diagnose, learn, self-correct and respond with continually improving processes and outcomes.
  5. Improve accountability– Set in a results-driven environment that MUST have communication if you want to reach an outcome (enjoy your meal!). Every choice made carries a consequence, impacting the team.

Our ‘Unique & Delicious’ team training alternates the workshop theory with the kitchen practical application so leaders form the ability to identify how to fully leverage information and develop a results-driven mindset.

With real-time feedback, no stone is left unturned. Improved self-awareness and communication skills are guaranteed, ensuring each participant leaves with enhanced leadership skills.

We know the importance of a solid team, the importance of investing in your people so that they ‘stick around’. It always boils down to relationships – the conversations we have with ourselves and with each other.

Our team training focuses on the individual so that each person learns how to communicate effectively, understands how they are perceived, the differences in each other and how to adjust their own behaviour as required in order to work with each other, appreciating the differences, to reach a common goal.


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