A Business Culture of Excellence…. what does that mean?

What does culture mean to you and why is it important?

It sure is a bit of a buzz word these days and could have many a definition to each of us.

To me it’s how the place ‘feels’.

Within an amazing culture, all of your team is aligned (to the inspirational goal of the leader or owner). It’s providing the opportunity for growth, for innovation, to contribute and for each team member to feel worthy in their role.

Importantly, to create an amazing culture, this ‘people focus’ must also be supported by a structure that promotes these benchmarks of excellence in a measurable way.

For example…

When will collaborative meetings take place and how?

How will feedback be given and what will be the benchmark of excellence within that feedback?

When a business holds the collaborative, inclusive and inspirational attributes that bring those aforementioned feelings, it has standards; it has values (that the team are actually familiar with!).

All businesses have standards and attributes and values. Every business has it’s own way to get things done; to relate to each other and to complete the tasks.

The key is, the more these attributes are focused on and cared about, the more positively they’ll be expressed across the business and throughout the culture.

The less they are cared about – and thus the less they are focused on – the more inconsistencies you’ll notice within your business ethos.

It all begins with what you – as the leader or owner – and what you care about.

It starts and ends with you.

What you care about will determine who you decide to attract, select and retain within your business.

A business can only be as great as the people within that business.

A team member who only cares about ‘getting the job done’ will bring a very different vibe to the member who cares about the business values and is really ‘in to’ what you do.

The entire culture is only going to be as great as the people within the business.

I wonder if you can relate… I wonder if you’re reading because you’re searching for the ultimate– to have ‘that business’ that has found the balance between meaning and money… and is able to create BOTH with high success.

And why not I say?!

A huge part of the pathway to achieving that result begins in culture.

It’s thinking about, reflecting on and developing a culture that makes the workday worth having…. If you’re all about the sales and the bottom line, you’ll attract different people than if your focus is on building a raving fan following because of the phenomenal level of service and care your team take.

“It’s as simple as this decision. Times are tough.  Let’s cut costs.

Versus this.  Times are tough.  Let’s improve our care and customer service so our clients stay longer, and thus pay for longer” (Sharon Pearson)

The more care you put into the feeling of culture, the more you can shape the bottom line.

Often in haste, the focus of a business tends to be on the money, on the sales… that surface level stuff that seems to be what matters most.

I invite you to shift focus, to see that when it’s NOT all about the money and the sales, you will attract amazing people – team & clients – that will stick with you – to skyrocket your results and create a culture that turns heads!! A team that cares and feels valued will put their heart and soul into the business.

Focus on improvement and care in these areas to create a BUSINESS OF ENVY:

  • The vision of your business – where is it headed?
  • The purpose of your business – why are you in business?
  • The values of your business – what do you care about and fight for?
  • The goals of your business – what are the goals you’re here to achieve as a business?
  • Your standards and the standards of those in your team
  • Your expectations and the expectation of those in your team
  • Your attitude and your team’s attitude
  • Your emotional aptitude and your team’s emotional aptitude
  • Your beliefs about what is and isn’t possible; and your teams beliefs

If you’re loving this message and want to dive deeper in to exactly how you can create that Cultural Blueprint of Excellence, let’s chat, I’d LOVE to help you do just that!