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David Cunningham
GM, The Co-Operative Bank

“We’ve used Extended DISC with our full sales leadership team. We’ve found it an extremely useful tool to understand the makeup of our teams; the different strength each person brings to the team; development opportunities for individuals; and how to work more effectively together”


…It’s ok to be you AND achieve success

Nothing feels worse than when you’re trying to be something or someone you’re not. Yet, it can also feel like you may not have any other choice.

The leaders you see around you may get big business results. But their style? Just isn’t yours.

There is a way however, that you can DO YOU and still achieve success as a leader.

To find your own unique style of leadership that gets you noticed and creates a high-performing, happier team.

I’ll give you the tangible skills you need to discover your style, embrace your uniqueness and get the best from the teams you lead.

It’s time to build resilience – and inspire success.

Leadership isn’t just about self-discipline…

Nor is it trying to become something you’re not.

It’s all about figuring out what your unique leadership style is and learning real skills that will help you connect with, inspire and create space for you team.

A successful team culture doesn’t happen by itself…

It needs to be carefully and pro-actively built.

Each individual team member is unique. A successful team is created by uncovering individual strengths and finding ways to provide opportunities for personal growth – so the team can produce results as a whole and move forward as one.

What I Can Do For Your Business

Through my programs and training, we will work together to create a distinct blueprint customised to you, your business and your team that will:

  • Allow straight-forward, confident decision making.
  • Align your teams purpose.
  • Give you and your team a specific, goal-oriented action plan.
  • Give your team realistic, inspired guidelines to work within, especially under pressure.
  • Create self-awareness, resilience and trust.

This blueprint is built on my years of varied and tangible experience but aligned specifically to you and your team. It gives you and your team a sustainable resource that you can continue to build on and grow from.


My approach to coaching is completely flexible and customized to your unique needs, using my proven frameworks.

Step 1Book a call
We do a deep dive into your challenges and goals.

Step 2Decide on the right solutions for your needs
We decide on the right approach for you and/or your team.

Step 3Begin the coaching process
We schedule and begin our coaching together.

These are the services I provide

Business Excellence Blueprint

9 Session Leadership Program

Leadership coaching to create a blueprint that aligns your team vision and strategy. I bring my years of leadership experience to these interactive sessions that will help you build a clear, authentic voice that is trusted and inspired.

You’ll learn to create individual and team resilience whilst creating a dynamic framework to support ongoing growth. Includes EDISC Leadership Development Analysis and utilises the Critical Alignment Model (CAM).

World-Class Culture Creation

3/6/12 Month Leader & Team Coaching

A coaching program that creates the culture everyone wants to work in. Ongoing coaching provides you with the ability to teach and measure, evaluate and apply in real time, to guarantee success and results. You’ll also optimise a healthy, sustainable and positive team culture.

Reinvigorate the desire for success for each team member and move the whole team consistently forward towards goals with positivity and commitment.

Includes in-house workshops/webinars, EDISC Analysis for Leader and a whole Team Analysis. Based on proven research-based frameworks including C.A.M & T.A.C.O.C.A. (Individual team member analysis is an optional inclusion)

Extended DISC Assessment Suite

Varied Individual & Team Behavioural Assessments

An Extended DISC profile is a powerful tool that allows you to gain a deeper understanding of how you and others behave and interact. DISC stands for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance – and we all have a natural tendency towards one of these behavioural styles.

This then dictates how we communicate and work with others – and gives us a way to adjust our approach to different team members to achieve better results.


Team Building & Development Trainings

Workshop with me to discover the strengths and stretches of yourself and each team member. You and your team will learn how your team can drive results and overcome setbacks along the way.

You bring your ideas and I’ll bring mine. Put both together and you’ll leave with confidence, a clear message and a creative resilient mindset.

What Leadership Style Are You?

  • Discover your Leadership Quotient & gain powerful insights into your leadership style and performance of your business
  • Understand yourself better to maximise your strengths and unlock your full potential as a leader
  • Empower yourself to make concious choices about how you lead with precision & passion, create vibrant cultures, and develop extraordinary people

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