“People don’t need to be managed, they need to be unleashed” – Richard Florida


What a great quote, it gets me excited at the possibilities.



… a team where everyone is two feet in, hungry and ready to commit 100% to the growth of the business, to support you, the leader and to share all of their amazing ideas and challenges.

… A team that thrives on innovative thinking and is empowered to ‘own’ it – both their own performance and also the outcome for the entire team.

…A form of leadership where the team are encouraged to create and ‘unleash’ without fear of judgement or criticism.


This form of high impact leadership focuses on the heart of any organisation –the people and the standards to which they operate.  Great people want to improve themself, they want to contribute, and they want to make a difference.


I’m astounded to know that 6 out of 10 (!) workers are miserable (according to a survey conducted in the Daily Mail).. and at the top of the list of complaints is quality of leadership.


It all begins at the top.

If ‘good’ is ‘good enough’ the culture of the organisation will feel flat, the team members will do little to improve how things are done, and new team members will wonder what they’ve got themselves into.

If standards are set, if they’re non-negotiable and they cover everything from answering the phone to submitting weekly goals… the team that you really want, the one that grows the business, they’ll stay and play.  This team will strive, they will thrive… and so, will business.

The possibilities are glowing; 

  • Many minds working together for the greater good.
  • You, as the leader, leading the innovators (not following the pack!)
  • A business that is profitable.
  • Clients continuously come back.
  • A team that is engaged, happy and encouraged to explore


In this environment – a good day is where the team member knows they’ve made a difference and they were capable under pressure of finding a way. 

This is empowerment. This is the creation of a business that turns heads.


Leadership is MANY things, but it all comes down to one thing – You’re there to help your team to ‘think’ in a way that;

  • Seeks to challenge their own beliefs and attitudes about what’s possible
  • Allows them to own their role
  • Boosts their personal performance
  • Gives them more job satisfaction
  • Encourages them to contribute to the improvements and innovations in the organisation
  • Guides them in how to solve problems in a way that demonstrates good judgement and thought for consequences
  • Allows them to think of others and the impact decisions have on them


When your team has the ability to think in this way there is an increase in productivity, a rise in satisfaction a surge in results.


But the standards must be non-negotiable. And they must apply to everyone. Everyone contributes. Everyone speaks up. Everyone owns it.

This is the standard. As a leader I’ll encourage, inspire and assist as required. But if you don’t meet the standard, move on.


It is your standards that set you apart from the rest, that move you away from mediocre and into extraordinary.

It is the standards that will encourage your team to push for the next level of excellence and demand more each and every day.


Such standards should include-


  1. Communication excellence – team members expect to communicate with each other, the clients and the stakeholders with respect and courtesy at all times
  2. At cause – the team holds themselves at cause and take 100% responsibility for their results and non-results
  3. No hidden agendas. We are open and work through challenges


Other ideas for what to consider when standard setting-

  1. How will we operate with each other?
  2. What will we guarantee to bring every single time no matter what?
  3. What are our expectations of each other?
  4. What can I count on in you?
  5. Standards for people who do business with you, standards for your business


Standards must be considered in performance reviews, given each 90 days. These points of culture are shared as the first thing they receive feedback on, because it’s that important.


Leadership is not a ‘sometimes’ undertaking.

If you’re unsure if you have the right standards in place, if you’re on the right path to business excellence, to turn heads and to unleash the spectacular in your team, then your likely not.

Email me on sally@team-resilience.com.au and I’ll happily reply with a free Needs Analysis questionnaire so you’re able to

  1. Identify gaps before they become a problem
  2. Help to plan your training for 2021
  3. Highlight training you may not have considered
  4. Ensure your training is focused on the right areas
  5. Decide who should attend which trainings and
  6. Help you to prioritise training needs


Make 2021 the year where your business stands well above the rest