Ever think about your fitness? Chances are you do… in some way or another.


But I’m guessing, that when you think of ‘being fit’, you think physically.


I’ll even go so far as to say that your awareness and focus around being ‘emotionally fit’ is not even a thought…?  


How’d I go, is that true?


Fitness. There’s physical and there’s emotional.


Emotional Fitness is based on the relationship you have with yourself, and it can be measured by the quality of your relationship with uncertainty…


The more emotionally fit you are, the greater your ability to handle ‘hard’ moments better…because you can see things more accurately.


You’re not clouded by mistrust, rigid rules, swayed perspective, lack of boundaries…



* you are flexible in your thinking – more ‘fascinated’ than offended

* you see things more clearly 

* you trust yourself and 

* you have self-respect


These traits, this ability to be emotionally fit, shows through an increased knowledge of who you are. 


You are also low in drama and know when and how to language your truth. 


You’re open to others; show more compassion, and every day you move closer to being in complete alignment with your values.


It feels good.


And it’s a wonderful place to lead from.


It brings objectivity.

It brings the ability to adjust, even lean-in to, uncertainty.


Leaning-in will make it easier to feel inspired and creative; to see opportunity in new experiences, in an uncertain world, in a workplace that’s filled with change. 


For some people, when they are surrounded by uncertainty, they fill their world with comfort… 

Anything that makes them feel safe, secure and reduces never-ending internal questioning. 

Another word for comfort is certainty. 

So, there is a big possibility that you and/or your team have overcompensated with comfort and certainty in your worlds. 


Comfort clouds;

  • outside the box thinking 
  • the yearning to feel challenged and 
  • the desire to create. 


Staying in your comfort zone, allowing this kind of thinking and feelings to foster in your workplace will surely be stifling and choking your bottom-line results. 


It’s time to encourage greatness. 

It’s time to bring back some spark, to lighten up, to lean-in to self, to move towards the state of becoming emotionally fit.


Here’s some easy steps that you and your team can follow;

  1. to stimulate originality and expression
  2. to go back to basics and 
  3. to EMBRACE THE UNCERTAINTY of this new world we live in!

  • HAVE A GO! – 

Say Yes and then work out how.  

The key is to make up your mind quickly and change it slowly.  When you say YES, it confirms you’re worth it. You will then back yourself to figure out the rest.  This way you’ll consistently discover that you’ve got more to give, and you have yet another level within.


Doing this effectively will form a belief within yourself that you can draw on at times of uncertainty – this will carry you through.  By believing in yourself and trusting your senses, you’re more likely to give it a go in the areas that you may not think you know so well. 


Could be as simple as speaking to someone you wouldn’t usually, going down a slide at the park (with or without the kids!), go bare foot on a trail walk.


Not to shock others, but to surprise yourself.  This will build your inner trust.  


“I have no idea how to do this, yet I’m going to have a good ole crack at it and work out where I suck”. 

Through striving forward and giving it a go, we discover where we struggle and where the gaps are for us to move forward.  

“Fantastic, I now know what I have to learn and where to progress”


The most important journey one can take is the journey of self-discovery. 


If you were to instill this importance into your business values, you’ll see a team that’s grows together and a business future that will certainly look brighter. 

Commit to building a resilient team that promotes individual greatness yet moves seamlessly together as one… this is where the magic happens. 


Please, get in touch if you’re keen to know more on how to become emotionally fit and how to bring this into your personal and/or business world.


Much of these learnings attributed to Joe Pane and the current Emotional Fitness Formula Program that I am enrolled in