…. while still remaining in control!

When you look in the mirror in the morning, how bright is the twinkle in your eyes?

Do they shine and sparkle at the thought of what’s happening next at work?

Or do they lay dull in their sockets because it’s ‘the same old thing’ today? (Even though that thought may initially comfort you!)

Some people get addicted to the certainty of things. Get addicted to having control. Predicting results is surely easier when you’re in your little bubble of comfort.

It’s also easier, to not try new things … to resist change.

You’ve satiated your world in certainty. The thought of not knowing what’s going to happen, makes you a little queezy. (though you sense it may be necessary to move forward… you’re just unsure how to implement)

What if you could embrace this feeling, bring back spark – to you and those around you?!  Reignite passion. Change your results.

The thing about predictability, is it can suffocate growth.  And when it’s overdone, there’s then a sudden need for some adventure or variety.  This is often subconscious and can be seen around the office as; self sabotage, overwhelm, excessive drinking or creating drama!

Sacrificing progress today for the feeling of certainty…

to then choose sacrificing certainty tomorrow for the feeling of uncertainty (drama, lack of focus/direction, gossip etc) …

simply because you didn’t do what you know you needed to do…

and then you’re going to worry about it?!

Get me off that treadmill!

Here’s some easy steps to follow to get back on the path to success – to enhance that twinkle in your eyes, learn to love what you don’t know, and EMBRACE THE UNCERTAINTY.

  1. HAVE A GO!
    Say Yes and then work out how.
    The key is to make up your mind quickly and change it slowly.  When you say YES, it confirms you’re worth it. You will then back yourself to figure out the rest.  This way you’ll consistently discover that you’ve got more to give and you have yet another level within.
    Doing this effectively will form a belief within yourself that you can draw on at times of uncertainty – this will carry you through.  By believing in yourself and trusting your senses, you’re more likely to give it a go in the areas that you may not think you know so well.
    Could be as simple as speaking to someone you wouldn’t usually, going down a slide at the park (with or without the kids there), go bare foot on a trail walk.
    Not to shock others, but to surprise yourself.  This will build your inner trust.
    “I have no idea how to do this, yet I’m going to have a good ole crack at it and work out where I suck”. Through striving forward and giving it a go, we discover where we struggle and where the gaps are for us to move forward.“Fantastic, I now know what I have to learn and where to progress”It’s unreasonable – and disrespectful – to any craft, to believe that you’ll get it 100% right on the first go… or 2nd… or 3rd.  It’s like saying you’ve been on a sailing boat before and now you’re going to Captain it from Melbourne to Sydney – yet you have no idea how to put up a sail, use any navigation equipment, tell where the shipping lanes are, or even raise and lower the anchor.A business, an organisation, a team, must continue to push the boundaries, be innovative, strive for performance and not conformity – this often requires trying new things…

    Now that you know the steps – get in there, have a champion’s mindset and get out of your comfort zone – that’s where the magic happens.

    Before I go, let me ask… while you’ve been playing it safe, what have you had to give up?

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