Beliefs. We all have them.

Some are empowering – they can be the catalyst for positive change and can be used to take us where we want to go.

Some are limiting – these ones hold us back. They often repeat in our subconscious minds and falsely tell us what we’re not capable of and what we can’t achieve.

They’re all – both empowering and limiting – convenient assumptions that we conjure up – basically, they’re just sh** that we make up. They are formed through the filters that we have been pre-programmed with throughout our life – from our experiences, our memories, our parents, media and many other influences. Over time they carve their own neural pathways until we find our ego telling us them.. without even conscious awareness.

The only difference between people that reach their dreams and those that don’t.. is what they believe to be true.

Here’s the thing that I LOVE about beliefs – if they’re not working for us, we have the power to change them. An empowering belief will build your confidence and prepare you for greater success.

Like I said, they’re just sh** that we make up – so why not create ones that will work for us..

Here’s how –

  1. Turn your negative thoughts in to positive ones… Bring awareness to your thoughts and as you catch yourself with a limiting thought, devise a statement that opposes it and resonates with you for e.g. if you find yourself thinking that you don’t have what it takes, use a statement like “I have everything within me right now to achieve all that I want”
  2. Keep reminding yourself of your new belief – SEVERAL TIMES A DAY! (remember, its not yet set in the subconscious, so you HAVE to keep at it until it sticks). Use your phone to set reminders, post it all over your house, write in lipstick on your mirror – WHATEVER works for you.
  3. When your new empowering belief is brought to your attention, VISUALISE this new confident thought with determination and optimism – EVERY TIME. What you’re doing here is developing a new habit. Any new habit has to be worked on consistently with focus. This is a process that will take time… but the effects will carry on to all areas of your life and the results will be well worth it.

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