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Founder | Resilience Coach | Leadership & Team Development Specialist | Adventure Enthusiast

Hi, I’m Sally. I’m the founder of Team Resilience Method. I’m here to help you build motivated teams and create a culture that develops peak business performance. 

My coaching programs will develop your self-awareness, resilience and trust as a leader. You’ll learn how to lead inspired teams that sustain team energy, engagement and wellbeing long-term. 

But it’s also to help your team as a whole. Team coaching can help you unlock each individuals true potential – and build a culture that brings out everyone’s best work.

Everyone wants to work in a job they love. This starts with conscious, connected leadership.
My research-based and personalised programs show you how to create a team that is inspired, fun and results driven.

Sally Higoe – My Story

By the time I was 24, I’d worked for several different organisations. I was in leadership roles but rarely felt inspired, energised or happy. I was shut down from above. Rarely given opportunity to make a difference or create change. If I wasn’t inspired, how would I inspire my team? How would we work together to produce results that helped the business grow and my team grow within that business? 

I was frustrated. I didn’t feel valued. I wasn’t heard. 

Then I had a realisation.  I could choose differently. 

I could create a role that reflected who I was. I could lead with purpose, be responsive, motivate, and perform. 

I didn’t need to conform to expectations. I didn’t need to work where I was undervalued. 

So, I left.

I found work with dynamic companies. Companies lead by pro-active, motivated and creative leaders. I wanted to learn from the best of the best. And I did. 

For twelve years I stretched myself professionally. I lead diverse projects from super-yacht refits to creating unusual cultural experiences in remote high pressure environments. I experienced life in over 60 countries. Building a portfolio of acceptance, understanding and knowledge from many walks of life.

I learnt to lead my teams in a connected, resilient and motivated way that were result driven and, importantly, meant my team was inspired, trusted me and they stuck by me. 

Why Work With Me?

When I created this change, people saw the difference in me. And I saw the difference in my teams. Through my years of leadership experience, I learnt how to build resilience, create a strong, authentic voice of leadership and establish trust.

I want to share this knowledge with you.
My personalised approach is unique. I created these programs, using proven methods, for self-responsive leaders like you. Leaders who want more. Leaders who want to create change in you, your team and the wider business you work within. 

And leaders who are serious about increasing profits and improving their businesses bottom line.

Working together, I will help you excel in leadership by connecting with your team and all of you understanding how each team member relates and compliments one another to create a cohesive, trusting and successful team framework. 

Ultimately, a team that is resilient and can excel under pressure with a good dose of fun alongside.

What I Can Do For Your Business

I’ve combined my professional skills and accreditations with over a decade of world-wide experience leading teams in environments that encounter pressure at the highest degree.

Teams that must live together, working side by side, producing exceptional outcomes in short time frames.

Teams that have nowhere to go, nowhere to hide – they are remote in its purest sense – miles and miles from civilisation. In these situations, it is imperative that all team members exhibit superior belief in all that they come up against – including each other.

With this in mind, I created an approach, a system to ensure superiority across the board, was developed and maintained.

All of our products and services at Team Resilience Method are centred around this approach, the core focus of: Self Awareness, Trust & Communication.

By implementing these core attributes in to small, strained, remote teams, we have proven that these factors are key to building unfathomable resilience in to your team and business.

SELF-AWARENESS – Assurance in self is enhanced and strengthened when we truly understand what makes us tick, why we do the things we do and why others perceive us in a certain way. When we have this awareness, the need for judgement and negativity is removed.

TRUST – Expectations are managed through the development of trust in self, others, systems and the organisation as a whole.

COMMUNICATION – The ability to respond rather than react, to inspire and motivate with purpose and to hear what is genuinely being said is a valuable and unique skillset that promotes connectivity, respect and pride. It gives confidence in bringing an authentic, individual voice … and this is the fast track to innovation!

How I ‘Wow’ My Clients

With a greater vision to;

‘Inspire leaders to trust themselves, follow their heart, live their dream and bring their team along for the ride’

It’s imperative that we at Team Resilience Method live true to our values in order to breathe life in to this goal.

These are the values that have enabled us to stretch our limits, push the boundaries, and empower others on their leadership journey . . .

VALUE #1Be passionate and determined – this keeps up our momentum with a genuine care and excitement for our work and our clients.

VALUE #2Take responsibility – when we do this we’re able to bring strategic thinking because there is no blame – only where and how can one improve.

VALUE #3Be world-class – Provide stand out quality… there is nothing about us that is average… always excite and go the extra mile.

VALUE #4Create fun with a bit of quirk – We stand for individuality and uniqueness. We appreciate, celebrate and love those that can ‘be all of themselves’, with pride.

VALUE #5Be innovative with a sense of adventure – Freely explore all thoughts and ideas, push the boundaries, openly evolve and challenge what currently ‘is’.

VALUE #6Bring a positive, supportive attitude – Seek out ways to champion others success, to stand by others and look out for moments that will lift the overall vibe.

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