It’s just on a year ago now that The Free Website Guys built my beautiful website for FREE!

I was four years into my business and ready for the next stage – a serious online presence! But to say that I was knowledgeable in the areas of marketing and tech, would be an understatement… and I wasn’t sure that the thousands of potential dollars spent on a site was going to be useful at that time.

And then a gorgeous white horse came riding in… on a FB Ad… in the form of The Free Website Guys!

Too good to be true was my initial thought.. but worth sussing out 😉

From initial contact, I felt supported and in good hands.

I appreciate quality and I resonated with the application process… happy to share and prove that both myself and my business, are worthy of a free, involved service, such as this.

And The Free Website Guys didn’t disappoint in continuing quality – in service and design.

So, remember I said that I’m not too ‘up’ with technology and marketing?
Well… I had my fair share of challenges in set-up;

  • I hadn’t previously set up a full Google & G-mail account
  • I couldn’t work out the WordPress installation
  • I struggled with access to the host and linking my existing domain name
  • I wasn’t sure which template would be best for my business
  • I wasn’t fully prepared with logo or email set-up

Not a problem!!
With great professionalism, I was supported through friendly informative emails and specific videos that showed me step-by-step, the processes I needed to follow.

Sven was patient, obliging and systematic, as was the whole development of my site.

Information was shared step-by-step with lots of options on how to personalise my site and clear communication to ensure it happened efficiently!
I didn’t feel rushed.. or dumb! 😆.. with my seemingly dozens of questions and queries.

The team even shared other useful marketing browser extensions and apps that would support my business overall… Loom for example has totally enhanced my client engagement since The Free Website Guys first introduced it to me.

Their streamlined, expert process made building my site easy and fun.
As an added bonus, The Free Website Guys set my site up with daily automatic offsite backups, Google Analytics and Google Search Console… followed by a handover document and video that showed me exactly how to add, change and move content around.

Finally… they set me up with linked business emails and over a month later, still answered (happily!) my questions regarding information produced through the Google Analytics etc

If you’re looking for a new website and wish to work with professional, knowledgeable, and friendly builders, look no further.

Get in touch with Sven and the team here – you can be sure you’ll be looked after.

The process was easy! … as easy as it can be to set up a site if you have limited tech knowledge hahaha.

I learned a lot along the way about adding and creating copy, and marketing overall and I love that I now have the knowledge to change anything at any time in my site like adding articles and content as I wish – more ways to save money!

The costs were minimal – I paid only for hosting and any extras like emails that I requested.

And now??… My site runs so very smoothly, I have recently re-engaged the team to look after my back-end security and updates ongoing.

Amazing all round… thanks to The Free Website Guys!
…if you want a new site, get in touch with them now!