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Ever Get The Sense That There’s A Little Something Missing From Your Team?

A high performing team needs a high performing leader. When challenges arise and the heat’s turned up, your team look to you. You are their problem solver, their motivator and their support.

But that’s not easy. It’s a massive responsibility. And without the right leadership skills? Team and business growth can remain elusive.
Do the same small issues keep arising and you’re not sure why?

Do you (or your team)…

  • Lack motivation after setbacks?
  • Keep questioning your decisions under pressure?
  • Struggle with the confidence to offer a strong, inspiring voice of leadership?
  • Lack clarity and meaning in your vision and strategy?

What Makes A Good Leader?


The better you know yourself and your unique attributes as a leader, the more empowered you’ll feel and the more skills you’ll develop.



Your ability to effectively respond to others and all challenges, in high-pressure environments is key to overcoming them with grace and growth – replacing them with creative and innovative ideas.


When you trust yourself and your systems, your team trusts you. Trust ensures your team is aligned, connected and set up for maximum impact and success.

How Team Resilience Method Can Help You

Coaching Programs

To help you align your vision and strategy to create a healthy, sustainable and positive culture that represents you.

Extended DISC Analysis

Individual and team profiles to provide you with a deeper understanding of how you behave and interact.

Cooking Up A Resilient Team

Experiential Training
A unique team building and
development training program
for high-performing teams.

In-House Workshops

Discover the strengths and stretches of yourself and each of your team members.

What Leadership Style Are You?

  • Discover your Leadership Quotient & gain powerful insights into your leadership style and performance of your business
  • Understand yourself better to maximise your strengths and unlock your full potential as a leader
  • Empower yourself to make concious choices about how you lead with precision & passion, create vibrant cultures, and develop extraordinary people

Access Your Leadership Style Assessment Today To Unlock What’s Holding You Back & What Can Propel You & Your Business Forward Today

About Sally Higoe

Leadership and Team Resilience Coach

Hi, I’m Sally. I’m the founder of Team Resilience Method. I’m here to help you build motivated teams and create a culture that develops peak business performance.

My coaching programs will develop your self-awareness, resilience and trust as a leader. You’ll learn how to lead inspired teams that sustain team energy, engagement and wellbeing long-term.

But it’s also to help your team as a whole. Team coaching can help you unlock each individuals true potential – and build a culture that brings out everyone’s best work.

Everyone wants to work in a job they love. This starts with conscious, connected leadership.

My research-based and personalised programs show you how to create a team that is inspired, fun and results driven.

How Do I Know If I Need a Resilience Coach?

What is Resilience Coaching?

‘Resilience’ is your ability to face challenges, confidently navigate through them and keep moving forward. Resilience coaching will empower you and your team to do just that.

You want to be an agent of change.

You’re a leader who wants to be an agent of change. You know there’s more you can bring to your role and your team.

You want to build strong resources and skillsets within your team

You want to manage challenges, pressures and conflicts better. And the ability to bring an overall balance to your team.

You want to connect with your team

You want to understand who your team members are and how they’re individually and uniquely motivated.

You want to create a better team culture

You’re on a mission to create a healthy, sustainable and positive work culture.

You want to bounce forward from challenges, not just bounce back

As a leader and as a team, you’d like to not just build resilience but endurance too. So, no matter what comes your way, you can respond effectively in that moment and keep responding, with grace and growth. Emerging out the other side, far stronger than you were before.

Ultimately, you're a highly driven and responsive leader.

You care about your team and the outcomes you produce. You want to refine your leadership skills and take your role or business to the next level.

Heres what Debbie has to say…

“ …It is rich and valuable content. The whole journey was extraordinary. I like the way you challenged me as a leader, I love your generosity, and your empowering way of discussing all aspects of business. I learned how we can approach new clients, I learned who I need to be to have my business successful. …The mindset for success we have now is different, we go out of our comfort zones and happily go after what makes us stronger and happier towards achieving our goals…. It actually exceeded my expectations.”

Debbie Peck

Director, Results Focused Leadership, USA

Companies & People I’ve Worked With

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What Others Are Sharing

“Sally took my vision and helped me create a world-class business that is connected, high-performing and profitable!”

Debbie Peck

Director, Results Focused Leadership, USA

Patricia Kung

Recruiter and Outreach Manager, NSW

“This was a great coaching/learning experience because Sally Higoe took the time to help me get better acquainted with my “thinking style” so that I could be more focused with my actions and achieve results in my business sooner.

I appreciated Sally’s no nonsense manner and her ability to stay focused on making sure that we not only knew the various phases of working with Team Resilience Method but also how to implement the phases and take specific action….

It was a wonderful experience and I would recommend Sally to anyone who wants to reach their results sooner than later.”


Small Business Owner, Perth

“I think that we are all always working towards a common goal but we each do that differently… allowing ourself and giving us permission to do that is really important… and that’s something I learnt from Sally… how we can actually use that to our advantage rather than competing against others.”

Chiara Ercoli

Engagement &
Wellbeing Co-ordinator
Geelong, Vic

Why The Focus On Resilience?

Resilience is critical for any organisation and particularly, for a leader to get the best from their team. It’s also great for the team as a whole. When we set our teams up for success, open space for them to fully express their skills and abilities, then a high performing team will emerge and you’ll move forward together.

Why Conform?

Choose. Perform.

It often feels like we have to fit ourselves into a particular box, in order to lead and succeed.

That team members and organisations expect you to do things a certain way. A way that might not suit you.

With the right awareness and training you wont ever have to conform again.

Instead, you can make a choice and find the RIGHT ways to lead and succeed, to drive real change and real results. In a way that’s authentic and sustainable to you.

Why conform? When you can choose – then perform.

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